Love Across Seas


Sometimes our soulmates aren’t just around the corner. sometimes they arrive unexpectedly from far away places and that is just the case with Randi and Martin. Our very first Gypsy Bride Randi Lukaschik gives us a brief inside look on how her and her husband Martin went from college sweethearts to a newly married couple.


Envious:  Where did you two first meet?

Randi: We met while we both were attending Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ. Martin was an international student from Germany and was completing his Master's in Sports Management and I was completing my Bachelor's in Psychology.


E: How and where did he propose?

Randi: He proposed in Times Square in NYC. He had gotten us tickets to see Aladdin for Christmas and after the show we had dinner at Carmine's. While we were walking back to the subway, he had taken us on a detour to Times Square (I had no idea because I'm basically city illiterate.) He proposed in Times Square late at night, so not that many people were around, it was also January and freezing cold. Luckily, a gentleman saw us and snapped a couple of photos for us


E: How was the road to newlyweds?

Randi: We had a very quick engagement, 3 weeks to be precise. So it was more like a hop, skip and a jump. Martin and I had to decide if we loved each other enough to stay together forever, and get married or if we were willing to part ways. This would mean that he would've went back to Germany for an indefinite amount of time and we couldn't be sure when we would see each other again or when or if he would be able to come back to the US. We chose to get married and planned a small wedding in less than 3 weeks with close family and friends. This past summer we had a vow renewal ceremony in Germany with Martin's entire family and friends because they weren't able to attend our wedding in the US.


E:  What’s in your future?

Randi: The short version, a house and a dog. I'm finishing up my Master's Degree and will graduate in August. So for our immediate future it's me finding a job, and us continuing to build our life together. We make it a point to go to Germany at least once a year, so continuing to keep in touch with Martin's family and friends. (For me, learning some German) Our biggest goal for the future would be to be in love in 50 years as much as we are right now.


Leaping into love is exactly what Randi and Martin decided to do. With little time to plan but a lifetime of love and happiness to look forward to they start their journey.  Randi wore our Charlotte styled dress for this shoot. Thank you so much Randi for sharing your love story with us. Hopefully you’ve inspired others to follow their hearts.  


Photographer: Chester Canasa

Couple: Randi and Martin

Dress: Charlotte by Gypsy Bride