Tyler State Park

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You hear so much about parks in major cities. Central Park in New York City, Bryant Park also found in New York, and even Spruce Street Harbor Park in Philadelphia seem to attract tourists from all over the country. The parks found in suburbs, however, seem to be overlooked. Tyler State Park in Newtown, Pennsylvania offers scenic photo backgrounds found in city arks without the large crowd of tourists, making this place have a significantly calmer atmosphere.

Given that this is in a suburb of Philadelphia, Tyler State Park is unheard of to those who don't live in the tri-state area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware). One feature makes this park stand out from others well known is the beautiful drive throughout the park. As you turn into the park entrance, you're in a blanket of trees followed by fresh, open air and wide views of nature. Hiking trails, disc golf courses, and dog walking routes can be found in the trees, while picnic tables serve their purpose in the wide open areas.

The drive is complete once you reach what is known as Neshaminy Creek. The relatively small yet beautiful body of water is surrounded by rocks and benches for people to just relax and enjoy the park's calming aura. The soothing sound of the miniature waterfall is sure to relax anybody who just came back from a hard day at work. The sun sets beautifully over Neshaminy Creek, making the view look like something out of a painting. Not to mention their beautiful small gardens made the picture-perfect spot to show off these new shoe designs.

Tyler State Park is a seemingly underrated park, offering similar views to ones found in cities without the overwhelming amount of tourists. It serves as a perfect spot to sit down, unwind, and take in the natural beauty of our planet.

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