The Pint Shop


A line of anticipation forms outside the doors to the pint shop. There is excitement in the air as you get closer and closer to the front of the line. The windows are lined with brightly colored posters adorned with their seven signature flavors. As you enter, your eyes widen with eagerness and pleasure. The sweet smell of ice cream, the cool air, and the energetic colors cause a sweet sensation. There is so much to see that you pause in the doorway, contemplating which way to go first.

Immediately upon seeing the giant ice cream themed art, I dart over to the right side of the room. There is an alcove of hanging bananas in front of a sign reading, “Keep your eyes peeled for bananas play at your own risk.” Next to it, is a fully functioning swing on a sprinkle covered floor. The last one however, has the longest line. An ice cream carton ball pit full of cherries.

There is such a liveliness in the air. People bustling back and forth in awe of the flavors, colors, and art. There isn’t an area in the pint shop that people aren’t taking pictures in front of.

Next, I reach the left wall which is lined with an aisle for each flavor of ice cream. Each one adorned with its own color scheme and atmosphere. In every aisle, you can find fun and creative merch about that flavor. Hats, sprinkles, stuffed animals, tumblers, and more.

The best part about the pint shop? The tasting station. A friendly attendant describes each of their seven signature flavors. The most popular being Churro Churro and Pinata. So naturally, those are the ones I sampled. The ice cream was creamy and delicious, both flavors filled with surprises mixed in. Figuring out which ice cream flavor is for you is like starting the first fitting for your wedding dress. It is fun to try on all the flavors, or dresses, but once you find your signature flavor or style, you are never looking back!

Jennifer W