Hawaiian Adventure

This is it. The place so many little girls dream of when they imagine a wedding. We were so lucky to be able to have a shoot here. The specific location was Waimea Canyon Lookout in Kauai. The beautiful stone of the canyon was the perfect backdrop for our shoot. The sky was gray in the daylight, which was the perfect contrast to the red and brown stone. Some portraits were also taken during sunset, which only added to Hawaii’s natural beauty. Kelsey was our Gypsy Bride, and she was so stunning in our Harper top with Lilly skirt. Her groom was her real-life husband Jarret, who also looked nice in his dark blue suit. This couple’s love jumps right off the photos. We are so happy with how the shoot turned out, and it could not be done without photographer Zephyr and Tide. They turned our Hawaii dreams into a reality.    

Jenna M.