Sweet Moments

Pearly white silk, shiny white pearls, intricate lace trim, and the perfect heels to match. Every bride’s dream. Every bride deserves to have their dream dress on their most special day. They dream about the beautiful white dress with the flowing lace on top. The perfect flowers, music, and food. The soft murmur of their friends and family mingling over the joining of two people in love. But it all starts with finding that perfect dress.

Spending hours in every shop, every online website, searching for that perfect dress. The one that stands out. The dress that you didn’t even know you needed until you saw it. Every bride wants to feel like a princess, but in order to do that they must continue the search.
Too small, too poofy, too flashy. The anxiety of not knowing if you will ever find that perfect dress. Stressed and scared. You didn’t know that you could try so many dresses on and yet not find the one you wanted. 

But then, you find it. The dress. It fits perfectly. The top is detailed and elegant and flows down into a beautiful silky bottom. Finding that dress is the perfect Sweet Moment. 

That warm feeling of comfort and relaxation. Similar to the Sweet Moment’s cafe. The cozy cafe with the delectable treats and drinks. The colorful tables and neon sign create the perfect atmosphere. There are friends and loved ones sitting together, talking quietly. You can enjoy the beautiful and artistic desserts. Colorful macaroons with light fillings. Enjoying the fresh cookies while sipping on your latte. The red velvet drink is creamy and cute. The detailed art and cartoons on the lattes bring a sweet, smile to your face.

The perfect latte. The perfect table at your favorite cafe. The perfect dress. Life is about finding those sweet moments and stopping to enjoy some well deserved, serendipity. 

Jennifer W