Central Park Sunlight

It was a beautiful afternoon in Central Park filled with people enjoying the scenery, tourists, different type of entertainment, aspiring professionals, along happy brides and soon to be brides taking in the area for their own personal shoots and soon to be memories. We were in the perfect location to shoot Gypsy Bride.

I knew the shoot would be a creative and fun one upon meeting the photographer. I greeted Christian Bull who greeted me back with a big smile, skateboard and gorgeous flowers in hand. Once the model arrived we got started right away. While styling her for the shoot she gave me a brief background of who she was and her love of working in the fashion industry. She was ecstatic to be modeling the Gypsy Bride designs.

Christian first shot Jena (the model) in the Paisley top and Saffron skirt under an old worn down tunnel that even with its aged possessed old time beauty. Next we stepped over fences and created a scenery that Christian made look more than just random trees and dirt. He actually used his skateboard to elevate himself to get the perfect shot he was looking for.

Everyone looked on and admired Jena as if she had just got married with people even congratulating her, telling her she looked beautiful. The stairs in Terrace Park were gorgeous and gave the pictures a european feel. In these shots the laced up back and the floral tail was the focus.

After we got a few more shots on the stairs, we changed her into Calypso. She beamed like a bride to be as the sun glistened on her porcelain skin. By this time the model started to embody our gypsy bride motto and looked more carefree and relaxed while staying gorgeous all at once.