Orange County's Golden Hour

Orange County wedding Photographer-87.jpg

What's better than a photo shoot with an incredible photographer? A photo shoot with THREE incredible photographers! Fatima Elreda, Amanda Canton, and Roots to Willows got together and created this unbelievable shoot in Southern California. The sun was setting and there were little to no clouds in the sky, making the lighting as perfect as it can get over the open field. Each photographer captured our models in a beautiful aesthetic, and each model displayed their own version of what a true Gypsy Bride looks like. 

Our models were absolutely stunning in three of our styles. Each style paired perfectly with the golden sunset in the background. The three photographers took advantage of the near perfect weather and lighting to prove why California is known as the Golden State. Sunset truly seems to be the Golden Hour in Orange County. We'd like to extend our biggest thanks and gratitude to these extraordinary photographers and gorgeous models for the perfect shoot in Southern California, the pictures came out incredible!

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Orange County wedding Photographer-92.jpg
Ashley S