Binghamton Behind the Scenes


On July 28, the Gypsy Bride team took a trip to Binghamton, New York for a photoshoot with photographer James Pitaressi. Being surrounded by nature instead of buildings was a nice change of scenery coming from Manhattan. The rocks sitting above the water made the perfect spot for the models to show off our styles as well as styles from Cecelia, one of the fashion design interns.  In order to make sure everybody looks great in front of the camera, work has to be done behind the camera and with the help of our team, everything went smoothly.

The team went above and beyond to make sure dresses were fitted properly and shoelets were worn comfortably. To make pictures come out even better, our team stood above a brick wall to drape a veil over the bricks as a backdrop.  James went on the ground to lay sideways, sit on rocks, and do whatever he could to get the best angles for these photos. Special thanks to James, models, and interns for making sure everything was going well behind the scenes and for making this a trip to remember!

Ashley S