A Car, a Truck, a Motorcycle, and Wedding Dresses


The state of Georgia is filled with so much character and is the epitome of Southern charm. The scenic yet rustic background gave our wanderlust bride a unique look and enhanced the dresses' features even more. The extremely talented photographer at Gypsy Souls Photography showcased her skills by using the dimmer lighting to her advantage, and these shots came out absolutely beautiful.

What makes this shoot even more unique is the use of motorized vehicles as props for the bride. Having the model sit on these vehicles gave her an edgy look while still looking elegant in our styles. The older, yellow car and red Ford truck made the bride have a more country look to her and showed the Southern charm. The motorcycle is what makes our bride look edgy and free. We would like to extend our thanks to Gypsy Souls Photography and everyone involved in making this photoshoot as beautiful as it was!

Ashley S