Dessert Goals

When planning a wedding, there are hundreds of details to go over. There’s the date, the time, the venue, and of course finding the perfect dress. When you find the dress that’s meant for you, your eyes begin to tear a little and your heart fills with anticipation as you imagine yourself walking down the aisle smiling at the person who has completed your heart. In that moment, you know. You know that this is your dress. The dress you are meant to say “I do” in. You almost feel like you’re walking on clouds.

That giddy, floating feeling is exactly the way it felt walking into Dessert Goals this year. The hall way is filled with disco balls and ice cream cones as you approach a wall made entirely of flowers. The beautiful flowers are just the first of many “instagramable” moments you’ll find at the beautiful venue.

As you walk in the main room, your eyes light up at all the amazing desserts lining the walls. There’s ice cream, milkshakes, cake pop, shaved ice, candy, and so much more. The sight alone is enough to give anyone a sugar rush. The sweet smells fill the flower covered room. You almost feel as if it can’t get any better until, it does.

Walking out on to the deck, milkshake in hand, your eyes widen at the sight of the entire New York City skyline. There is nothing more beautiful than the skyline at golden hour. The warm sun hits your face and of course now it’s time to take that perfect picture. Staring off into the water, thinking about all the treats waiting inside fills you’re mind with that giddy anticipation. It’s almost as sweet as finding that perfect dress.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 8.54.49 PM.png
Jennifer W